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First get the offer

Then interview

Companies that want to interview you will first make you a salary offer. Accept or Reject it. It's your call. Stay anonymous till you start the interview.

Software Engineer

Belindo Corp

 ₹ 40 lakhs

Companies will apply to you for interviews

Just create your profile. 
Hiring managers will start sending interview requests to you, with salary offers.

Dedicated Talent Scout

When you create a profile, we will dedicate a Talent-Scout to you. The Talent-Scout will assist you in setting up multiple job interviews.


FindingJo even rewards your Talent-Scout, every time she sets up a job interview for you. Now we think that your Talent-Scout now has all the incentive to set up more job interviews for you.

Triumph in your

Job Search

✅ Know salary and role before the interview
✅ Get multiple interview offers
✅ Interview at top startups meeting your expectations

Make your next career jump

The fastest way to get interviews

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