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Employers | The quickest way to book an interview with premium candidates!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

At FindingJo, we enable employers to quickly book a job-interview with premium candidates. You are only interacting with pre-screened, hand-picked premium candidates, who are ready to be interviewed.

1. Make unlimited job postings. It is free

On one hand, you save on your hiring budget, and on the other hand, our talent scouts will work with you to schedule job interviews with premium candidates. You pay only when you book an interview with the candidate

2. Get free access to our resume database

You can search 100% of our resume database for free, without any upfront-subscription charges or contracts. This itself is a savings of thousands of dollars in hiring budget.

Access everything, you need to know about a candidate, except for the real identity and contact details.

3. View all offers your candidate received from other employers

Similarly, the offers you make are also visible to others employers

4. First, make an offer, then interview

Today, most companies do the reverse - they first interview and then make an offer. And in the majority of the cases, the final offer does not meet the candidate's expectations.

The result - the candidate do not join your organization, no-shows on the joining day, etc. And the interview process has to start all over again.

Be smart and start with an offer, then an interview. This way you are interviewing only candidates whose salary expectations are within your budget.

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